Joyless Lies the Shilling

Uneasy Lies the Crown

Uneasy Lies the Crown

2010 debut album from this London-based outfit. Recorded at Treacle Studios and produced by Joe Adams, the album comprises live favorites, singles ‘Firefly’ and ‘We Must Not Shut Ourselves Away’, and new numbers like the poignant ‘Pompeii’. Influenced in equal measure by early 90s Shoegaze (Adorable, MBV, Ride) and the energy of Post Punk (The Sound, The Chameleons) The Domino State create a massive, bristling, effects-driven live sound, which is ever-present on this album. Against this backdrop, Matt Forder’s emotional, dynamic vocals navigate through moments of gentle lightness (‘Reverie’), epic and iconic pop (‘For Now’, You’re The Winter) and dark, grinding self-destruction (‘Safe Now’ and ‘Pillow Song’). Exhibition.

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