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The Wind Energy Myth: The Pros and Cons of Wind Turbine Energy and its Long Term Impact on Climate Change

The Wind Energy Myth: The Pros and Cons of Wind Turbine Energy and its Long Term Impact on Climate Change

The wind turbine industry as a “green” energy source is a myth. In itself, wind energy is a fantastic source of renewable energy, and deserves continued development. However, this development must be accomplished with accurate and objective consideration of its costs, versus its benefits. Based on the research findings discussed in this text, current wind turbine technology and its implementation is not a viable alternative to traditional, fossil fuel based, energy sources.

The next time you pass a wind energy farm, or hear a proposal for the development of a wind farm in your community, indulge in a little critical thinking and consider the facts, rather than just the idealistic dream of so-called “free energy.” Prior to making a decision for or against wind energy, learn the facts and make an informed decision about wind energy in your community. At the very least, ask yourself the following questions about energy from the wind:

1. What is wind energy and how does the wind generate electricity?
2. What is a wind turbine, and how much steel, aluminum, and copper does it take to build one?
3. How much maintenance is required to maintain a wind farm?
4. Are wind farms worthwhile and do they produce enough green energy to offset the cost of their construction and maintenance?

This research project offers extensive documentation of the wind turbine energy industry, its costs, and its impact on the environment. The author presents his research findings with no hidden agenda or ulterior motive, other than the simple application of critical thinking to a pressing problem. Yes, the generation of power is essential to human survival, but it is important that consumers, environmentalists, and government agencies understand that wind turbines may fall well short of the mark, and may not offer the source of “green” energy we have been led to believe.

This research project includes a navigable table of contents, executive summary, and extensive research notes. It has been formatted specifically for your Kindle, Kindle PC, and mobile Kindle apps.