Snowballing Man-centered Five senses against Eight on route to 12: Exclusive of Rudolf Steiner’s 12 Color hearing over against VAKOG into KAVOG (Power elite Practices inlet Vigorousness Therapeusis)

Expanding Human Senses from Five to 12: From Rudolf Steiner’s 12 Senses to VAKOG to KAVOG (Best Practices in Energy Medicine)

Expanding Human Senses  from Five to 12: From Rudolf Steiner's 12 Senses to VAKOG to KAVOG (Best Practices in Energy Medicine)

14,000 words ~

Puppies have five senses. Humans are more than puppies. How did human beings get limited to only the same five senses a puppy has?

A short history of how this happened. The progress since towards more expanded, flexible views of human sensing, in the context of the Three Selves and Energy Medicine. Written for purposes of sensory experiments, self-healing and Energy Medicine.

Emphasizes how conscious-waking-self and inner child can have different most-open sensory channels. How this contributes to “being of two minds,” self-isolation, and dissociation between conscious self and inner child.

Emphasizes Rudolf Steiner’s 12 senses, can be usefully regrouped with all seven felt-senses first. Seven out of 12 senses group as kinesthetic highlights felt-sensing and Emotional Intelligence.

Includes the full chapter from Composing Your Own Vision of Whole-Child Education which includes an annotated modern version of Rudolf Steiner’s original talk on the 12 senses to the first teachers of the first Waldorf school.

Table of Contents

How is the human psyche patterned?

Human perception is patterned thru our 12 senses

Second opinions assist us to triangulate

Triangulating outer and inner reality

It takes not one but two senses to perceive a red circle

Which senses do you use in your spiritual exercises?

“Senses” as “maps”

The map is not the territory

1975:  VAKOG

When conscious self and basic self have different most-open sensory channels

Differing most-open sensory channels as “being of two minds”

Sensory awakening

How we got limited to only five senses

Humans the same as puppies?

Rudolf Steiner’s 12 human senses

1919: Study of Man

The kinesthetic senses, regrouped in Healing Toolbox

1983: Multiple Intelligences raises the profile of “feeling”

1990s: MBTI proposes a 50-50 balance between T and F functions

1993 and on-going: Emotional Inteligence establishes a post-modern “Feeling”

2010: From VAKOG to KVAOG

To Learn More:

How we change lanes in traffic

Representations are the meaning of meaning

Pattern: known and unknown in the psyche

The conscious self lives only in the known, “lighted” area (RS)

Dim and dark regions both above and below

“Mood of death” and “mood of birth” as kinesthetic senses

Not four, not seven, not twelve: three

What is a percept?

Mankind is instinct-deficient

Appreciating our senses

Sensing is like dreaming

The 12 Senses

It takes two senses to see a red circle

We combine percepts from several senses all day long

How we triangulate reality

An intro to Waldorf remedial education, Extra Lesson

Meaning trumps VAKOG

Sensory exercises with personal info

Generalization, distortion, deletion and exaggeration

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