'Throw 'em back, till I lose count'

'Throw 'em back, till I lose count'
On occasional use energy drinks are not necessarily bad for you but students shouldn't seem them as 'natural alternatives' either. Claims that these energy drinks make such as, 'improved performance and concentration' can be misleading. Energy drinks …
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'Our competitors are neither young, nor from emerging nations': AJE Group on
… hydrating and energy drinks. “For example, we recently launched BIG Piňa (pineapple) in Colombia – a new alternative for a refreshing carbonated drink with a tropical flavor,” he said. “Also, we launched Cielo Q10 in Peru, and many other new …
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This Would Make Me Sell My Coke Stock
However, the path to growth is less clear as Coca-Cola heads deeper into the 21stcentury. Many countries are increasingly shunning soft drinks because of their harmful health effects and due to the growing number of alternatives. Comparisons are …
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