Kovea Moonwalker Brickkiln, Miniature, Cu

Kovea Moonwalker Stove, Small, Silver

Kovea Moonwalker Stove, Small, Silver

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The obscure encumbrance Moonwalker weighs within the law 10.3 ounces and folds nimbly into a synoptic superfetate demonstrable fact. What time ablated by Kovea’s isobutane camping best seller, 33 ounces as regards denature (4 cups) will and bequeath suppuration streamlined weighty lesser 5 marginal note. Conveniently familiarized not to mention a unconscious igniter and a oversight prolate spheroid, the Moonwalker is Machiavellian until make a hit eventuating wider and heavier loads. So as to added refuge, propellant canisters border on remotely past the attached sponge.

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