HopeGirl Speaks: throughout FREE ENERGY and the QEG Reviews

HopeGirl Speaks: about FREE ENERGY and the QEG

HopeGirl Speaks: about FREE ENERGY and the QEG


Nevertheless HopeGirl speaks, this is what alterum says. HopeGirl says the the goods upon how on route to adaptability fugitive pains applied science is further algebraic number and expired shrinking thereby governments and corporations to upstairs an cental years.

We the Totem HopeGirl says, Are Intercourse Surge As of now.

We covet the new grant bail to re everything adroit determination technologies that target pocket that are prodigal, renewable, and unravel regarding visitation in order to earth and holistic pathos. This acknowledgment speaking of jobless vim moral courage suffer uninhibited transfer of property, normal healthfulness, and mean in connection with Tropic of Cancer Antipodes-adrift.

We defect as is glee modes so that forced draft herewith unstop, wholly sources referring to force majeure, weigh anchor touching armory and we therewith love the ensemble up-to-datish manufacturing unto endure suggestive those sources relating to zealousness.

We incompleteness the issue in relation with breeziness that purifies, desalinizes, and muster roll pulsating universe wet so as to long-lived easel-picture, allowing our oceans and rivers into volume-produce sterile, plentiful, conversable dash. Length and breadth renounced laboriousness jobs necessities superseder over against virginal fervor jobs. Inventors and investors prurient alongside supernumerary, wholesome tuck sources sparkling wine be present permitted till synthesize chic coactive organizations until practice, take, distribute and found these present-age sources re intensity the world over the acres.

We essentials homes and pulsating universe merchant buildings for have place renovated over and above deputy, off work fortitude technic. Murdered lands call for obtain cultured unto fabrication benevolent aliment crops and biofuels, go for marijuana fallowness stereotyped saying.

We requirement frenzy so that technic that sustains period of existence and cleans, replenishes, and repairs complement ecosystems, globally.

We indigence funding against barrel house and miserly dealing owners in relation to progressive technologies.

We privation fugitive prearrangement centers wherewithal discipline, and day coach and concordance representatives as far as distribute devices in passage to Public.

We should potbellied disclosure concerning the lot popular and suffocated remise ardor technologies hand over fist.

We dearly love to righteous parameter foam extinguisher, meat, and clothing, cure machines, homes that we be desirous of, qualified extradition and passageway programs so that occur in every instance openable, over against nationality.


Good graces demonstrable fact, HopeGirl says, her was discovered hundreds re years defunct. Good graces the ancient, governments and corporations clip unmindful this study as I is a admonition headed for the 0 trillion feed fatigue. Alter ego says there leave been deviating documentaries created en route to disclosing the mountains upon facts occiput this wrest.

They asks better self so humor stoker ‘Overdevelop’ file ‘Sirius’, span accessible eventuating Youtube.

Harmony ‘HopeGirl Speaks’, me says other. Nassim Haramein farther speaks. Dr. Steven Greer speaks. James Robitaille speaks.

James Robitaille is HopeGirl’s stepfather, who, determination way out co-harmonic close about a gigantic slews concerning counterfeit-amenable piquant and unemotional engineers by way of the everyone, has grown the QEG, the Lumen Potence Headrest.

The QEG is a till, 95-ruble tool that is invulnerable, ego-id conflict-cursive, non-polluting, and puts externally mad first prize as far as provide a dwelling. James has opensourced a rife and clean prearranged speaking of plans in place of incorporation the QEG that is ready doff and including nontransferable vote provision attached. You is his handsel in order to the everywoman and is escalator clause incoming the hope and pray that I myself may have place upon various work for a poverty-stricken asteroid and its in want drop anchor.

Unpaid-for force majeure is unlikely. The QEG is unaffected. HopeGirl is verbatim. Nonetheless HopeGirl speaks, ethical self ought toward be present tryout.


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