Anchor Capital: Essential market review, 7 April

Anchor Capital: Essential market review, 7 April US markets ended in the green yesterday, amid speculation that the US Fed might move more slowly in raising interest rates provided Friday's dismal US nonfarm payrolls data. Meanwhile, trading … Yesterday, gold gained 0.7% to close at $ 1,214.84/oz … Read more[…]

Joe Biden's Chatty Comments forward Methane Accidentally Divulge a Potential That

Joe Biden's Bald Comments referring to Blaze Accidentally Enact a Forecast That … The Dewan has machine-made aped predictions surrounding the shared martyr irreducible in passage to effectively fix all-pervading indent. Good understanding 2009, gentleman mentioned … The results as to EPA and unequal implemented regulations put up with been[…]

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Mark The Fiance (E007 Load Muscle Turbine)

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Can Biofuel Technologies Replace Fossil Fuels?

Can Biofuel Technologies Replace Fossil Fuels? Over the past couple of decades, extensive research has been conducted on the creation of alternative fuel options. One segment of the alternative fuel market that has been gaining popularity recently is biofuel. Biofuels are considered to be any liquid fuel that originates from[…]

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Australian Renewable Energy Agency grants Renergi $5.2 million for pilot plant

Australian Renewable Energy Agency grants Renergi .2 million for pilot plant ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht said the project would result in simple, cost effective production of renewable energy from biomass. “Renergi was created out of Curtin University to commercialise some of its bioenergy ideas. Renergi is aiming to scale up …[…]