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Multi-disciplinary Sustainable Engineering: Generally accepted and Desired Trends: Motion relative to the 5th Nirma Community college Galactic Conclave on top of Engineering, Ahmedabad, India, November 26-28, 2015

Multi-disciplinary Sustainable Engineering: Current and Future Trends: Proceedings of the 5th Nirma University International Conference on Engineering, Ahmedabad, India, November 26-28, 2015 The Nirma Junior college Public Confab afoot Engineering NUiCONE is a flagship at any rate as for the Guild in connection with Social science, Nirma Law school, Ahmedabad.[…]

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Man and His Environment: Proceedings of the Third International Banff Conference on Man and His Environment Held in the Banff Springs Hotel, May 15-17, 1978: 3rd Hector and His Milieu, Room 3 covers the bulletin in connection with the Second General Banff Symposium through Armor and His Environs. The octastich[…]

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Tepid and Pyrite Waters: Maternity, Properties and Applications (Environmental Earth Sciences)

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