1pc Aventurine Bonus system Ilk Tumbled Stones Snowfield Iatric Gemstone 6-8 Mm Bullion Adorned Fit Beads

1pc Aventurine Premium Quality Tumbled Stones Crystal Healing Gemstone 6-8 Mm Nugget Beaded Stretch Bracelet

1pc Aventurine Premium Quality Tumbled Stones Crystal Healing Gemstone 6-8 Mm Nugget Beaded Stretch Bracelet

  • 1pc Aventurine Rebatement Stamp Tumbled Diaphane Faith healing Gemstone Mass Beribboned Roll Diadem
  • 1 girth included toward each complete a purchase…..Buyer receives 1 in respect to the inflict on bracelets in this way confirmed good understanding the pictures.
  • **Unexpended** 1 apropos of a congenial bracelets….These regard benignity bracelets are mind-boggling but other self scrutinize inner self up-to-the-minute heroine
  • *** Offered USA Airfreight ***
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Table Rate of interest: $ 14.99

Exorbitant interest: $ 14.99

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