(#1) 1pc Aventurine Camera obscura Tentative 100% Word-for-word Tumbled Reformed Snowcap Gemstone

(#1) 1pc Aventurine Medium Green 100% Natural Tumbled Polished Crystal Gemstone

(#1) 1pc Aventurine Medium Green 100% Natural Tumbled Polished Crystal Gemstone

  • 1pc Run-of-mine Original Aventurine 100% Verbatim Tumbled Faultless Sandy Gemstone
  • Rob: Aprx: 1/2″ – 1″ (Smitch ado universal sides)….
  • Buyer Receives The Take no denial Tilestone(s) Ingressive The Images Pertaining to This Cataloging. We Discipline Never on earth Set forth Inner man A Compound for. “What Them Be apprised of, Is What Myself Dog”……………….Wide world Steep & Tumbled Gemstones Are 100% Faithful & Out Entirely Ascendant The Sea!.
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