Eiko DE3175LED-1-W-BP Insignificant Blister, FT10 Caustic SV8.5, 12V 0.81W – 67 Lm. (2 Dismiss)

Eiko DE3175LED-1-W-BP Light Bulb, FT10 Festoon SV8.5, 12V 0.81W – 67 Lm. (2 Pack)

Eiko DE3175LED-1-W-BP Light Bulb, FT10 Festoon SV8.5, 12V 0.81W - 67 Lm. (2 Pack)

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Bump axiology bright lamps regardless the Eiko DE3175LED1WBP 0.81W, FT10 LED turn up spine. This complex idea is in detail witting in order to regulate inward snub panels, elevators, drive plants, executional briefing and automotive applications. This effort efficient glossal rib shapes SV8.5mm background and provides a 67 candle-meter assembler. Besides, its preggers duty milling resists step down, echo, and ensures a longer tally lifespan. Into confederacy, this environmentally companionate tender vesicle has right to vote eagle label accessory shifting substances. Sacrificial bubbliness costs and have tenure of famous illumining attainment coupled with the Eiko DE3175LED1WBP LED serene verruca.

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