LORIS 120ml Drawback Ultrasonic The nitty-gritty Seal oil Diffuser so that Aromatherapy

LORIS 120ml Premium Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

LORIS 120ml Premium Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

  • ADVANCED WHISPER-QUIET TECHNOLOGY: BPA-free and utilizes 2.4 million soft ultrasonic vibrations per second that will not interfere with a good night’s sleep!
  • COOL MIST: humidifier, purifier releases tiny water particles and ionizes the essential oils into the air creating an ultra-fine mist for a more comfortable and aromatic environment. AUTO SHUT-OFF: monitors the shortage of water automatically and ensure the safety, delivers up to 8 hours of an aromatic experience. High capacity water tank 120ml.
  • SENSUAL & RELAXING LIGHTING: 7 soft and eye pleasing color changing night light lamps for your choice, independent light-control with two modes available. Enjoy a peaceful rainbow of 7 cycling LED lights that can be stopped on a single favorite color or turned off at any time.
  • ★ BONUS FREE E-BOOK ★ on Aromatherapy with 50 Essential Oils Recipes to uplift your senses, give you energy, relax your mind, relieve stress, heal your body, maximize your health and create a safe home environment.
  • MODERN & TRENDY DESIGN: perfect aromatherapy companion to any living space, portable for your home, yoga, SPA. Ideal size for a night table in the bedroom or in the baby room for relieving tension and more restful night’s sleep; Use in the living room as a peaceful wind down routine in the evening and in the office to improve concentration and mental clarity.

Imagine having our high-quality Essential Oil Diffuser just right there on your desk. Take a deep breath, can you smell it?

You are now creating a real scent paradise. Enjoy it and experience the following:

Relax & De-stress

Fill the space with a lovely fragrance that can lift your mood and relieve stress from a tiring day at work.

Increase Physical & Mental Well-being

The Aristotelian thought is that any matter is primarily composed of the basic four elements- Fire, Water, Air and Earth;

with a fifth element being the life force or spirit- called the Quintessence. Extract the spirit from plants and energize your own.

Improve Air Quality

Reduce odors lingering in your home from cigarettes, cooking and pets. Leave your place fresh and clean.

Ionize by removing harmful positive ions

This diffusion method doesn’t utilize heat, which maintains essential oil integrity and holistic properties.

It is a healthy alternative to synthetic fresheners and scented candles.

Purify & Humidify

The summer sun as well as the dry winter months are rough on the skin. Refresh it and keep it healthy by adding

needed moisture to the air. Breathe easier, relieve cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies and flu.

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We are so confident you will love our Diffuser that we offer it to you with a risk-free,”Love it or Your Money Back” guarantee.

Find “Add to Cart” button and start enjoying it right now! And while you’re at it, why not order two? One for you,

and one for a friend who can benefit from Aromatherapy healing as well. It makes a thoughtful and unique gift!

List Price: $ 36.00

Price: $ 36.00

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