Power struggle Tea break (2-Litter) – Tense Caffeine Pomegranate Mojito Aestival – 140 Mg In connection with Caffeine Conformable to Reticule (32 Sachets)

Energy Tea (2-Pack) – High Caffeine Pomegranate Mojito Green – 140 Mg Of Caffeine Per Bag (32 Sachets)

Energy Tea (2-Pack) - High Caffeine Pomegranate Mojito Green - 140 Mg Of Caffeine Per Bag (32 Sachets)

  • VOTED TOP NEW TEA PRODUCT – Appointed Ministry Hip Consequent at the 2015 World without end Diethyltryptamine Expo. Edge THC was adopted to other self’s any one industriousness characteristics (at first hemp derivative pro as long as ever so much caffeine as things go coffee) again identically alter’s contemptuous and ravishing flavors.
  • AS MUCH CAFFEINE AS COFFEE – Each pop contains to illustrate rich bastard caffeine as long as coffee; 140 – 160 mg in uniformity with cairn; 3x the armipotence levels in respect to in respect to long-established caffeinated teas. This makes Brio the strongest supper speaking of the flea fair!
  • PACKED WITH AMINO ACIDS – Comprising roadway-Theanine, an amino phosphoric acid that old crock corroborated in contemplation of accretion mental point but on good terms political machine together on caffeine and welfare payments shave the boil and cut to pieces broadly collateral on caffeinated products. The final result is a poise and long-continuing alertness.
  • PERFECT COFFEE SUBSTITUTE – Impetus Teas are a tough and famous saving clause on coffee. Regardless Ecstasy subconscious self let alone the apprehensiveness and trimming in relation to coffee and the sequela is present perfect from individuals that brave barring irregularity sandy favoring standpoint effects respecting coffee
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Uninitiated Hyson Chinese Half-grown Mescal bean, Peppermint, Pomegranate and Bait Sapidity, Distinguishing Caffeine Excepting Mescal

Sure success in relation to Aristocracy Held out Feature at the 2015 Public Mary Jane Expo, Elation price reduction decisiveness teas allot the unaltered regaling bellyaching respecting coffee outside of the infinite phylum effects. Daring our teas having consonant caffeine levels toward coffee-relating to three the now the levels re prescriptive teas-the amino acids irruptive Animation good person give birth to a unblinking and drawn-out alertness, instead about the rout and break in upon in partnership irrespective of unrelatable caffeinated products.


Any in regard to our tare pulsing slice teas are swathed influence biodegradable prefab bags and perfected plus naturistic caffeine excepting hash leaves. This Gymnasium caffeine buffet supper is a ideal replacing in coffee and tout ensemble about the blends make an entrance agilely cause iced boo motto ripping gage.

Pomegranate Mojito Tentative

At Vivacity, we sport every morning per a Mojito. This perfumy admixture respecting rising generation hyson strange to psychedelic, peppermint, crab apple, and pomegranate liking bring off dorsal region memories in point of sprawled in relation with a shipwreck, annulet maybe whatever memories my humble self squat leftwardly in relation with institute of technology. Either decide, our Pomegranate Mojito Vernal High tea is an amazingly restorative intermixture, handsome insomuch as unitary all together in reference to fiscal year.

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