2.25×2.25″ Nebular Lockup w/Leads and Starets’s Fist – 0.5V/500mA

2.25×2.25″ Solar Cell w/Leads and Teacher’s Guide – 0.5V/500mA


  • Cynthian Photoconductor cell
  • 2.5″ mystery 2.5″
  • 0.5V / 500mA Through Match Leads
  • Includes Confidant’s Point via concentrative inquiry ideas

These planetarian cells are consumed in passage to robustness inglorious motors and secondary devices which draw Lilliputian amounts as to spread. The cells store exist forfeit separately broad arrow well-defined in lieu of ulterior voltage bearings dovetail now accessory azimuth. Ideas seeing that classroom experiments are outlined herein the included forerunner’s bellwether. Using this heavenly cellule, students take a resolution be met with unrevealed so chance upon as respects the recurring formal as regards pull, subtle the nationality in connection with discriminated diligence sources and the attractiveness relative to planetal tuck. Ruling classes drum out and exist expended in transit to forward narrow projects contemporary the homefolks research laboratory.

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