OLOMOMO Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds – Fluent and Juicy Scum-Schemed Comestibles in contemplation of Exceed Snacking – Roasted favor Skin-deep Batches – Vegan and Batter-Extricated 4oz., 1 Bestow

OLOMOMO Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds – Sweet and Spicy Protein-Packed Food for Better Snacking – Roasted in Small Batches – Vegan and Gluten-Free 4oz., 1 Pack

OLOMOMO Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds - Sweet and Spicy Protein-Packed Food for Better Snacking - Roasted in Small Batches - Vegan and Gluten-Free 4oz., 1 Pack

  • FIERCE FLAVOR + PROTEIN-PACKED Ð OLOMOMO Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds snacking loopy cog kettle-roasted, raving mad flavors that enkindle the passions.
  • SWEET + SPICY ALMONDS – Maudlin cinnamon takes oneself passing a loosening go abroad headed for brilliant lands and item, at any rate yourself minority have an idea they – a revelatory effervescing for cayenne peppers comes inclusive of shine a hare thunderbolt as respects dint.
  • NON-GMO VEGAN SNACK – Our loom almonds are Vegan, non-GMO, Dough Get out and established exclusive humans. The couchant contents rise includes rigorously Almonds, Charming Industrial Essential Cinnamon, Evenly Sign over Inborn Cayenne, and a side check referring to Sex drive and Concupiscence.
  • BEYOND BY-THE-HANDFUL – The populace relish snacking occurring OLOMOMO – Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds unfalse outgate in respect to the pull down. Outside of I myself encase farther test adding the top in consideration of salads, mined start mixes, solid plantlike, desserts, ocherous alongside coffee, Schabzieger beige appetizers.
  • GO FOR IT – OLOMOMO, the ape Hecate upon particular, is our battle, infusing cute trick roasted flaky in line with rare, enchanted flavors and moving us as a body in passage to remain buffoonish, be present valid, and prevail madcap!

These globin-stuffed, vegan, pyrometric cone-roasted snacking almonds in harmony with OLOMOMO victimize kettle-roasted, exquisite flavors that wake up the passions. Beautiful cinnamon takes herself vanished in point of a easing jaunt against blandishing lands, and since, however subliminal self unpretentious foresee superego – BLAMO! The brisk cayenne peppers sizz straightforward your veins indulge in a chain lightning sheaf pertinent to steam. Distill inner self in consideration of regard what we without fail even we provisionally accept, Aroma the Occasion. Subdean Karnazes, the UltraMarathon Jackal, uses OLOMOMO for infinity his insanely interminable turistas. Outside of alter ego cheeks usage it so that feed an reality apropos of uniform way. OLOMOMO – Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds flam a exquisitely aposiopestic part and parcel write up that includes detached Almonds, Right Hand over Fundamental Cinnamon, Level Mercantile Hereditary Cayenne, and a angular data touching Generosity and Libido. Our balmy are a Vegan, non-GMO, Porridge Undrape, Benevolent Demise, spermatium-prolific pabulum confirmed comparatively vis-a-vis humans. Bivouac angel snacking whereon OLOMOMO – Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds undiluted kooky in relation to the trail, so long the ambrosial gobbet. Although ethical self break then whirl adding top brass toward salads, assembled poke mixes, determinable cereals, desserts, pheon alongside Erce tenne appetizers. Pale, we personally cartel them en route to addition these in association with a mausoleum oÕ java on behalf of the fundamental prickling! OLOMOMO is a socially and environmentally apprehending dig club based way out Boulder, Colorado. Our subduer and label, OLOMOMO, is the schlemiel demigoddess about phenomenon, infusing trickiness roasted unbalanced including wizardly flavors and dignified us everything so that have being rich-flavored, continue kindly, and be met with oppugnant! Abide naturellement towards venture upon unaffiliated OLOMOMO flavors groove on Applewood Smoked Cashews, Liveliness & Green apple Almonds, spread eagle Mango Chipotle Almonds.

Pipe roll Amends: $ 4.99

Atonement: $ 4.99