Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind

Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind

Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind

What can Kelee meditation do for you? Kelee meditation will teach you how to understand your mind via the Kelee’s anatomy. When you learn the basic principles of the Kelee’s anatomy, you’ll find specific points of reference in your mind that you can feel and understand for yourself. This meditation is unlike any other meditation because of the anatomy of the Kelee and its reference points.

Kelee meditation is simple to do. It only takes five minutes to do the actual practice. The hallmark of Kelee meditation is that, Things that used to bother you, no longer do!

When you learn the fundamental difference between brain and mind, you can learn how to stop repetitive thinking and start observing from a calm, still, state of mind. This calm state of mind will begin to diminish the three biggest problems that everyone faces — stress, anxiety and depression. You can begin to change these conditions before your very eyes, when you start doing Kelee meditation.

Beginners can learn Kelee meditation. It is a simple — deep, healing meditation. This short eBook is divided into three basic parts to guide you through if this is your first time meditating.

The first part answers questions students usually have on preparing to meditate. In Kelee meditation you sit with a straight spine, relaxed hands, and in a comfortable position.

The second part gives a detailed step-by-step description on how to do Kelee meditation.

The third part goes over a list of twenty-seven ins and outs, or tips of perfecting your practice!

Ron W. Rathbun has been teaching Kelee meditation for over 25 years. Thousands more have read his books and learned Kelee meditation on their own. We welcome you to learn all of this for yourself from this book!