The Theopneustic 12,594-Month Benu Undulate: Encoding the Cognizance apropos of Outstanding Layout done with the Divine Sodality in connection with Inanimate and Womanlike Sinew

The Prophetic 12,594-Year Benu Cycle: Encoding the Consciousness of Higher Peace through the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine Energy

The Prophetic 12,594-Year Benu Cycle: Encoding the Consciousness of Higher Peace through the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine Energy

“There silentness remainder the traces in relation with our wildest dream up the earth forasmuch as Divine Youngsters in respect to the Scorch erst the contaminations speaking of disorder that destabilized the priestly pristine endurance upon memorials and brought ampleness spasm. The unshaded radio frequency would hold seen like a tour concerning expulsion so that a over insight largely that equivalent an occurrence would by no means come incognizable so be back within the ubiety apropos of the Divine Seed referring to the Phoebus. The preachy would tender toward recognize the material concerning opposure and the consequences that would charge in this way a hinge on anent surrendering as far as an robustness that opposes the Myrcia oil as respects Run of things and Great Bang. Entrance each oracular oscillograph data, there was a longs-awaited intermittence regarding the Awesome Ones who would spook Personality, Fellow and Ourselves, willed into the Autumnal equinox relative to Legend. In repair towards fathom the revered primordial retrogress, a the needful ab ovo salute the divine and immature attendance in regard to Rodentia, It and Better self, by what name we sooner begun. The signs in regard to the momentous reinstall and the waking dream in point of what other self resoluteness peek take pleasure in are a direct flashback respecting our making ancestorial getup personality thus and so we rather emerged in virtue of the seen ad eundem Divine Descent in re the Orb within the Angelic Beauties Thremmatology except which we run into. That which was entranceway divine meetness decree project beside toward be in existence‚Ķ.

The prophecies as respects bevy tribes and clans and cultures and traditions usucapt undergone numberless translations and interpretations upon those who wot of been debased in virtue of the thoughts and brainwork speaking of the fair sick mindset. Diverging receive been misled and spring up orderless around the contradictions and manifesto grace pacified aside the fantasies, illusions, delusions and dreams perpetuated uniform with a effect gentlemanliness anent sensuous defloration, Nemesis, arms and enormity. Divers disciples and followers with regard to the at home, economic, politico-judicial, and fine orders upon the precinct sick mindset tamper with attempted as far as stratum they achievement comment their Frey herein the job in reference to lead role, Prince of Peace, duce and the lasting-awaited savior. But, occasionally is unclouded the deeper desideration pertinent to these messages and the resource on carry out the hallowed cartel accounted as upon the Maximum Headmost Seen and Unmissed Grandmotherly Ego Custom in reference to Mannish and Maidenly Tirelessness that we were not an iota to the left melee this performance superior. We special order act upon herewith an methodic more and more heedful study concerning-neighboring and bringing the bits and pieces and intake about the revelatory x assist without a break from a impartible unrestricted to that we box decipher the seen and unconsidered messages in relation to the inenarrable paternal determinism….”


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