Evenhanded Ideas SV-P-DAR Savannah Rancher, Bereft of light Brick

Good Ideas SV-P-DAR Savannah Planter, Dark Granite

Good Ideas SV-P-DAR Savannah Planter, Dark Granite

  • Colonial planter
  • Wide base resists tipping
  • Tall design makes planting more convenient
  • Self-watering liner holds several gallons of water that slow-feeds into the soil and plant roots
  • Polyethylene construction is very easy to clean
  • Colonial planter – BPA Free

The Savannah Planter is unique to the category. It’s tall, colonial design is easy on the back and fits in with virtually any setting. The unique liner is thick and simple to remove or set. It also acts as a slow feeding reservoir, holding several days worth of water which gradually seeps into the soil and plant roots. The Polyethylene construction is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The Savannah Planter has a base that’s flared almost twice as much as the competition’s to resist tipping in strong winds. If you’re ready to add more exuberance to your garden, get a Savannah Planter today.

List Price: $ 129.99

Price: $ 109.00

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