Wave Remedy, Your Energy To soothe

Wave Therapy, Your Power To Heal

Wave Therapy, Your Power To Heal

Sam Winters shows that through the laws of creation every living being is designed for health. Discover how to use information you already know of the laws of biology, physics, and Christian spirituality, to open up a new perspective about yourself that can awaken your healing potential.

A serious subject yet presented with a sense of humor Sam Winters makes the art of healing simple to understand where anyone can learn to apply the practical use of a non-touch laying -on-of-hands method in a manner that’s been used for centuries to assist others to heal naturally.

With wonderful illustrations, personal stories, and examples of how to work with various common health problems, anyone can begin immediately in helping others to overcome pain from injuries, strengthen the immune system against illnesses due to bacteria and viral infections, and reduce stress related chronic health problems, by learning to release the waves of healing power that flows naturally through your hands.

You will learn:
• How the body is naturally designed for health and healing
• How the laws of science demonstrate that the will of God is the desire for all persons to be healthy and more whole
• How to use the healing potential hidden within your hands
• How to work with over twenty common health problems
• How to identify the emotional stress that can lead to sickness and disease
• How to overcome blocks to effective healing prayer and more.

In this step-by-step guide demonstrating simple non-touch hand positions you will learn how to take a more active role in managing your health through this spiritual-science of energy medicine.

This book is a guide to awaken anyone’s natural healing abilities by learning to apply the simple methods of Wave Therapy…that works!


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