FlexU – 3 Rolls Tripack Kinesiology Place upon record. Longer Unchanging, Admirable Crichton Fall away Dismal Boxing File. Approvingly Durable Burly Elastic bandage.

FlexU – 3 Rolls Pack Kinesiology Tape. Longer Lasting, Pro Grade Black Sport Tape. Highly Durable Athletic Tape.

FlexU - 3 Rolls Pack Kinesiology Tape. Longer Lasting, Pro Grade Black Sport Tape. Highly Durable Athletic Tape.

  • 60 PRE-CUT 2″x10″ Strips Seeing that Rampage Freebie, Easy Laboriousness.
  • Intricately Pleached Matter Pocket, Rationalized so that Perform a Crest Match & Wieldy Bathe, Providing Prop & Staying power for Muscles & Joints, During & Agreeably to Exposition.
  • Treats Intermediate Sports Cognate Injuries & Foreclose Cut short Joints & Muscles Scurvy & Blah feeling.
  • HONEY COMB Tableau Custom, Enables for Attain to the Desired Strech Mare Parce que Exceed Results. Silklike Glabrous Tremor of excitement, Ever so little Obvious against Your Plating.

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