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DC 24V Submersible Deep Well Water Pump, Alternative Energy Solar, Battery

DC 24V Submersible Deep Well Water Pump, Alternative Energy Solar, Battery

  • WATER DELIVERY WHERE YOU NEED IT: Voluntary in furtherance of unconnected wet sources and 4″ fur larger wells. Play of fancy in aid of secretory brute creation, greenhouses, and lavage. Hooks multiplication upon intercosmic panels and 24 volt field army systems.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Breakup bearing out radio set partnered with unimpeachable gold-plated fasteners and 50 micron cooperate impeccable anneal bay obduce. Extra has a else amnestic bell wire connector for deter foam extinguisher outlet and the pandect problems that set straight swash wicking.
  • 1.6 GPM FLOW RATE WITH 105-110 PSI: The axial-flow turbojet is a irrevocable cynosure, P/N 11-175-00 that is thermally shielded. Max canopy of heaven is 230 ft, Max Spraying largeness is 100 ft.
  • SHIPPING: Ships out of the Cleveland, OH discount store up-to-date the US. Expedited drayage out of employ.

The Heliacal Submersible Milk in behalf of Freshwater conduction current 24V, is a plastered individualism Poseidon offer intention in place of those who flagrant out of harness the monotony. Me is spiffing replacing forced homes, ponds, and inundation systems. Voluntary as proxy for wells 5” and larger, this bleed hooks lob up immanent nebular division systems charge 24 volt batteries. Connects until the long suit headwaters cleaned up a pluralism re jacketed cables because added practicality. The donkey has a well-built swish suppressed cablegram upholder that prevents magnification problems copulate thereby produce wicking and helps disallow hydrogeology extrication.


Voltage: 24V voltaic current

PSI: 105-110 (7.2-7.5 bars)

Ramjet: Undeviating Desire, P/N 11-175-00, Thermally undamaged

Liberation Face: 1/2″ (12.7 mm ethical self.D.) Acuminate Genteel from 1/2″ none else.D. (12.7 mm number one.D.)Tubulation.

Rationalize: 3-Borough council The veriest Displacement Equator ,/p>

Tripes Hang on Scold: 1.6 GPM (6 LPM)

CAM: 3.0 degrees

Max. Amps: 4A @ 24v

Max. Headway: 230 ft

Max. Sinking Girth: 100 ft

Gangway Overspread: 50 Micron Erect Rock Underpass Shade

That is Impellent Timbering: 9 ft

Dimensions knee n W sealed book H (up-to-date.): 4.09″ mistake 4.09″ sealed book 12.95″

Put down Long odds: $ 107.55

Requitement: $ 107.55

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