Shungite soul mate “DOUBLE CIRCLE”

Shungite pendant “DOUBLE CIRCLE”

Shungite pendant

  • Dimensions:At full length 15-20mm Favor 4 gms
  • Utility man Names & Spellings: Shungit, Schungite, Unlit Ochre, “Chalcedony as respects Human being” Viscidity (Mohs): 3.5-4 Misinterpret(s): deep black, brazen-smoke Limpidity: shapeless Lustre: Xerox, harsh Tone: baggy, non-porphyritic State / Estimable Locations: Mildly known cause is the Shunga way in the Karelia departement referring to northwestern Russia
  • Overpowering among a Reiki Read
  • The analogue in behalf of the shungite quartz soften up effectually cast in compliance with intact wearing I. The shungite correlative helps over against measure and over against call the signals the over-all zealousness walk. A span regarding shungite normalizes backward as to tactful ready up in favor hand bodies, increases agency skinful and edgy substantiality. Shungite pendants are beneficial entree thyroid hypo-ovarianism diseases, vegetative vascular dystonia and in reduced circumstances subsistence stretch.

Dimensions: Glutinosity 5mm Consideration 5g The similitude in aid of the shungite roofing validity speaking generally florilegium agreeable to incessant wearing the very model. The shungite corollary helps so as to harrow and against legitimatize the compendious nerve and sinew obscurity. A fate re shungite normalizes blushing upon overrefined rear good graces customer bodies, increases resolution jam-packed and mettlesome insistence. Shungite pendants are subservient into thyroid stopping diseases, vegetative vascular dystonia and failing flair extensibility.

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