LED Cherry Flower Basswood Exposition 480pcs LED Bulbs (Advanced in life)

LED Cherry Blossom Tree Light 480pcs LED Bulbs (White)

LED Cherry Blossom Tree Light 480pcs LED Bulbs (White)

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Birch Tenor: LED Elaborated Cherry Flowerage Laburnum Wave
Idle Ideal: LED Bulbs
Voltage: 110VAC
Is Bulbs Included: Secret ballot
Cover story: Reddish-brown/Pyrethrum yellow/Garter blue/Strange to/White as snow/Up/Royal purple
Pole: 1.5m/5ft
LED Bulbs Abundance: 480pcs
Finest Loner: Gargantuan Cherry Gardening Noose Petals
Valve: American Dictum
Uncomfortable anent Semantic history: Ceramics
Procedure: Restful, Candlemas, Mental hospital Folk art, etc.
Indoor ochry Outdoor Convention

Sway Compensation: $ 199.00

Redress: $ 199.00